Social Media Managment

What is the definition of social media?  You may find a million different definitions from a million different people. Yet most simply, it is the use of technology combined with social interaction… a fusion of sociology and technology.

The online tools that people use to share information, opinions, insights, experiences, or media therefore facilitating conversations and interactions online between groups of people support social media. Common social media tools include Twitter,Instagram Blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

As a business owner, however, more important is the definition of Social Media Marketing.  This is the process of using social media tools to engage online communities in order to generate exposure and increase your opportunities for business relationships and sales.

IBTEKAR LABS is here to help you navigate the waters of Social Media Marketing by providing you with a customized social media solution that works best for your business in your industry and for your target audience.  The key is that it is unlike any other because it is specific to you. We will analyze your current forms of communication and help you focus on the best ways to incorporate them into Social Media. In the end, we will provide you with a scalable Social Media Business Plan personalized for your company.


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