Consumers all over the world have come to rely on their mobile phone as an essential communications tool. They personalize it, take it everywhere they go, and many cannot imagine living without it. According to Aberdeen Group’s research done in 2006, with over 1 billion SMS exchanged per month worldwide, 81% of enterprises surveyed identified SMS as key to satisfying customer needs.

Forrester Research has also shown that SMS is one of the most responsive marketing communications mediums, with 5 times better response rates than direct marketing.

The following features of SMS turn a well-planned mobile marketing campaign into a powerful tool:

  • SMS messages can be sent and read at any time.
  • SMS messages can be sent to an offline mobile phone.
  • SMS messaging is not intrusive.
  • 100% of GSM mobile phones support SMS messages.
  • SMS messages are capable of carrying binary data besides text (e.g. ringtones and logos).
  • Two-way SMS allows customers to reply to messages.
  • SMS supports reverse billing & premium campaigns.


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